Crash Bandicoot co-creator: ‘I’d love to see an HD version’

Andy Gavin, co-creator of Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Dexter, has said that he’d love to see an HD version of the marsupial’s first four games, or even a full blown reboot.

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PamPoovey2353d ago

I thought they would still be able to do a HD version, I mean I know they don't have the rights to make a new Crash game but they must hold the rights to Crash 1-3 and CTR.

NaughtyDog are growing now since they have two development teams now so obvious Sony knows that they are a company they can rely on, so why dosen't Sony get in talks with Activision and buy the rights off them for ND. Although even if Acitivision don't care absout Crash anymore would they still sell it, at the end of the day they could be spiteful towards the whole thing and say No because they know how much of an fantastic job ND would do with it putting their Crash games even more to shame.

If they did do a HD version I would love to see an online mode added to Crash Team Racing

FinaLXiii2351d ago

Oh man dont say that unless youre gonna do it xD