VideoGamer: Catherine Review

VideoGamer: I've got a doozy for you: Does life begin or end at marriage?

That's one of the first of many questions Catherine poses directly to its players, giving the option to choose a simple binary response - yes or no. Well, does it?

Marriage is also something on the mind of Catherine's primary character, Vincent Brooks. He's an aimless 32-year-old who spends his days working with computers and his evenings posturing with his friends down the local, and right now he's perfectly content with living out his days on pause thank you very much. But life refuses to let Vincent stay idle, and his overbearing girlfriend Katherine is pushing him towards marriage, parenthood and abandoning his creature comforts. It's all too much for him to take in, so during his waking hours Vincent frets about his next steps in life, and at night he's plagued by horrible nightmares that force him to move forwards, onwards and upwards if he wants to stay alive.

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