IGD - Kingdoms of Amalur Review

For a new fantasy franchise backed by industry rock stars Todd McFarlane (on pictures), R.A. Salvatore (on pens), and Morrowind and Oblivion designer Ken Rolston (on the game), a staggering amount of awareness was built around the manager, baseball star Curt Schilling. This is the first game out of 38 Studios, the fruit of its acquisition of Big Huge Games…which is apropos given that Reckoning is a BIG, HUGE game.

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lifeplus2323d ago

An amazing game that you can not miss ! I purchased it yesterday and start playing for 2 hours... , an excellent release !

RememberThe3572323d ago

6 hours in and I f'in love it.

GribbleGrunger2323d ago

i'm getting this on friday hopefully. :)