Gotham City Impostors Getting Free DLC in March

Monolith Games detailed Gotham City Impostors' next DLC.

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ninjaman9992473d ago

The game is amazing so far but they need to do something about butthurt quitters, not being able to switch sides and team balancing :3

Rynx2473d ago

Yeah, it all boils down to the matchmaking, and leaving the matches open for other people to come in, once a spot is available. I don't mind small player counts for a total, but when I have a team of 5 and the opposing team only has 1 person left, then that makes for a very boring game.

Brash_Attack2472d ago

And that will be fixed with this DLC. I only wish that would have been fixed on launch.

Blaine2472d ago

Yeah, the matchmaking is definitely not great at the moment.

Sometimes I'll get a good streak of games going, and then I won't be able to get in a game again for half an hour. Gets stuck "searching for players" or I get disconnected. I just played a game where we were going in with 2 full teams, and when the game launched it was 3v1... and the 1 left after I killed him 12 times! lol

They need to patch the match-making soon.

DirtyLary2472d ago

Are the matchmaking issues only with the STEAM version? That's what I have and it's brutal.