Twisted Metal Demo Extended Until February 13th

MP1st - "David Jaffe has revealed that Twisted Metal's demo, which was supposed to come to an end today, has been extended to last until February 13th."

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Fil1012174d ago

bull shit so the yanks get the full version on the 14th the day after the demo gets pulled from the servers and we in the the UK cant play it again for another 3 weeks, kinda starting to think the developers dont give 2 shits about about any1 else but the americans

Kakihara2174d ago

Nice, this is just what I needed to help me decide whether or not to buy. Ironically once they sorted out the multiplayer in the demo and I was able to get into a few games this went from a definite buy to a maybe. I still think it's an absolutely amazingly put together game but I just suck at multiplayer in most games to a degree that it's not fun and this game is no exception. I really like so much of it's design and imagination though that I'm gonna try and use this time to get at least half decent at it so I can start enjoying it without worrying that I'm letting my entire team down and standing out like a sore thumb among the people who can actually play. I did something similar way back with the first Halo and ended up having a lot of fun with it.

Kinger89382174d ago

all they have mentioned so far is matchmaking issues, so far myself and a few others with original 60gb consoles cant even play the game full stop! the console shuts down and then forced to do a HDD scan when i boot it back up! theres a thread on the main forum and quite a few are having this issue but the developers havent mentioned it so will probably go un-noticed :( i cant preorder until i know it will work for me, ps3 works fine on everything else, just this demo

NBT912174d ago

If it means anything, mine is a slim... 180 or maybe 120 GB? And did the same thing, albeit only once out of the countless times I played the demo

Legionaire20052174d ago

Great news the online for death match and nuke is back online hell yeah!!!! Played the hell out of this game.