TeamXbox Readers' Most Anticipated Shooters of 2008

TeamXbox (TXB) has received a sheer number and range of responses soon after running their "Most Anticipated First-Person Shooters of 2008" article. In this follow-up, TXB clarifies the exclusivity status of Haze, and readers suggest TXB to take out Haze and put another title on the list. Then TXB reveals the staff's and readers' number one shooter prospect for 2008. Lastly, TXB briefly fills in a few missing games that didn't make the cut.

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PimpHandHappy3779d ago

thats funny because i would hope the 360 crowd would like more FPS

Clinton5143779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

They need to stop bowing to whiney commenters on their site.

ktchong3779d ago

Because Haze is not a 360 game, and TeamXbox is a 360 game site. It's sheer stupidity for a Xbox 360 game site to give free publicity to a PS3 game.

Clinton5143779d ago

Haze is still going to be on the 360. :rolls-eyes:

ktchong3779d ago

Speculation. I wouldn't bet on it.

ISA_Scum3779d ago

Way to go on the free publicity for Haze and the PS3 TeamXBOX! Haha, how many times do Free Radical have to confirm exclusivity for this game?

That's what I love about X-Bots. They say the PS3 has no games, and then they can't stop wanting them to be ported to their consoles. Haze, MGS4, FFXIII, all you hear from the X-Bots is that they'll be ported....and they won't be.

Obviously the PS3 has no games....right?

Captain Tuttle3779d ago

The only one on the list I'm really excited about is Borderlands.

otherZinc3778d ago

is the most anticipated shooter in my book.

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