Six PS2 Classics that need to be on PSN (because they won't get HD remakes)

PS Uni writes: "That’s where the new PS2 Classics section of the PlayStation Store comes in. Introduced in October, we’ve seen eleven games make their way to PSN (I won’t be calling it SEN anytime soon because screw that). While there are a couple of gems on there — God Hand and Odin Sphere are wonderful — there’s plenty of filler. I’m looking right at you, BloodRayne.

There are a lot of games that deserve to be played again, and they won’t be calling a PS3-formatted Blu-Ray disc home any time soon. Instead, let’s throw some of them up on PSN, yeah?"

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Relientk772327d ago

Timesplitters 2 is awesome, and yes it needs to be on the PSN, or an HD remake

jizzyjones2327d ago

I concur Timesplitters deserves a HD collection at the very least.

Snookies122327d ago

Just as long as I get Timesplitters 3 in that collection... With online multiplayer and level sharing, I am one happy man. Lol, assuming that ever happens of course!

Pwnage182022327d ago

I agree with you 100% I am a HUGE timesplitters fanatic and always will be. It would make me a very happy person if this game get an HD collection!!! i would probably cry!!! I am also hoping for a Timesplitters 4 (which sadly might not happen)

sikbeta2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Timesplitters Future Perfect yeah!!!! Best FPS Ever!! :D

bozebo2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if Crytek's team they aquired from FRD are already working on another Timesplittesr. I think I read somewhere that they would make it "when the time is right", and I believe that is now - what with all the millitary shooters all over the place and people perhaps wanting a change?

It will probably suck because that team made the multiplayer for Crysis 2 which was dire bad and half the original Goldeneye/PD/TS team are now making facebook games to survive after Ubisoft forced them to focus on Haze then closed them down after it failed... but ah well, only time will tell.

irepbtown2326d ago

Star wars Battlefront I & II?
GTA San Andreas?

Too many I want made. Lets hope we'll continue to get quality, good old games on PSN.
Maybe Sony will want to save some of the best for the PS4. Just an assumption.

reynod2326d ago

You can just get a PS2 to play those games if you want to play them so badly or else they can be emulated on a PC.

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NarooN2327d ago

Free Radical were hinting with fans on the old official site/forums about them toying with the idea of an HD release of TS2 on the PSN/XBL Marketplace, but not too long after they went bankrupt and became Crytek UK...

tee_bag2422327d ago

Try and hunt down a backwards compatible PS3. The upscaling is decent. Obviously it's a shame it they all arn't BC. I'm holding my breath for the warriors HD remake.

monkey6022327d ago

If they released a new Timesplitters that stayed true to the 2nd or an HD version with full online support I will never need to buy another new game ever again :P

Agheil2326d ago


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EliteDave932327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

GTA III and Vice City is already coming to PSN

And since GTA V will be in San andreas i doubt they will release San andreas before V.

DanSolo2326d ago

Or they will release it to drum up desire to play a new and improved San Andreas!

Fylus2326d ago

San Andreas would be awesome but I really want Bully! Greatest Rockstar game ever! IMO :)

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2327d ago

jak x combat racing, battlefront

wolokowoh2326d ago

Jak X had a save file issue on B/C PS3's and isn't in the Jak collection so it probably should go this route. However, I wouldn't have it take priority over many other titles. If they do it, I buy it. If not, oh well I still have a PS2.

LoLZoRz2327d ago

i'd love to play Burnout 3 in HD.


ScubaSteve12327d ago

for the love of god WHERE IS DARK CLOUD 1 AND 2

ChiVoLok02327d ago

They said that won't get a remake. Those are likely to get a remake along with Rouge Galaxy.

Rainstorm812327d ago

Please give me a Rouge Galaxy HD remake.....that was a great RPG

QuodEratDemonstrandm2326d ago

There was a ps2 game about a red galaxy?

Oh wait... you mean ROGUE Galaxy.... right?

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