GTR3 - SimBin secures Pagani Zonda R license

There is a certain experience in life that seems to always repeat itself. The harsh reminder we receive after we start to feel like the big fish in a little pond. This can happen in any activity of life and to be fair it usually starts in an innocent manner. This inevitable perception evolves and we begin to feel to some degree that nothing can touch us and despite our better judgement, we fool ourselves into thinking that it will somehow remain that way forever. However, that fateful day comes when the foundation that grounds your silly perception begins to catastrophically split and everything crashes down. The Pagani Zonda R was exactly that type of wake up call to the world of sports cars. So it seems fitting to see SimBin Studios include the voracious sports car in the lineup of their upcoming racing simulator GTR 3; The agent they hope to introduce to the foundations of the sim racing world.

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Projekt7tuning2356d ago

Really looking forward to GTR3. There are a lot of good looking racing sims coming to the PC this year. I'm gonna be broke lol.