PS3 firmware 4.01 retail leaked via UFC 3 disc

PSX-Sense writes: "Today we have received our review version of UFC 3: Undisputed for the PS3. The strange thing we noticed when we wanted to play the game was the fact that it asks for PS# Firmware 4.01 which hasn't even been released yet. Head over to our website for more news."

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lorianguy2322d ago

Hopefully we'll get a good changelog..

the biggest updates are the smallest x.x.x version numbers ;)

Lulz_Boat2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

leaked? no.

btw, this isn't the FW that will be released tonight

kma2k2322d ago

there is a FW comming out tonihgt? I cant find anything online about it anywhere? Got any sources?

jwk942322d ago

The email you received from Sony.