BioWare producer 'sure' there will be more Mass Effect

Casey Hudson, Executive Producer of Mass Effect - "We don't know exactly, but there will be more Mass Effect for Mass Effect fans, I'm sure."

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Rainstorm812020d ago

Of course there will be, afterall you guys do work for EA

Aloren2020d ago

You realize that you could replace EA with any publisher and it wouldn't change anything, right ?

Rainstorm812020d ago

And do you realize EA milks more franchises than most publishers right??

Aloren2019d ago

Well when it comes to "real games", EA doesn't seem any worse than other publishers.

BraveToaster2020d ago

Because if you can milk a franchise to death, why wouldn't you?

Aloren2019d ago

Ok, so now "there will likely be a 4th game" is milking a franchise to death.

BraveToaster2019d ago

What makes you think they'll stop at 4?

Aloren2019d ago

They won't. At least I hope they won't, but still , this article is about the probability of a 4th game. That hardly qualifies as milking to death, especially compared to some games with tons of sequels and no interesting story to tell.