Alan Wake - PC vs X360 Comparison Teaser Image; PC shows noticeable graphical improvements

DSOGaming writes: "Admit it. Most of you, PC gamers were simply expecting a small graphical increase over the X360 version of Alan Wake, right? Well, guess again. Remedy’s Markus has released a teaser comparison between the X360 version and the PC version (1080p in high detail)."

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reynod2506d ago

The game will be coming to PC however every Xbox exclusive that has made it to the PC, has been a major disappointment to me. Fable 3 being the last one. The experience is simply too dumbed down as if it was made for kids. Anyways i will be looking into reviews before picking this up for the PC.

Voxelman2506d ago

Every Peter Molyneux game is simpler than the last tho, even back when he was making PC games. Black & White 2 for example was a shadow of the first game, replacing creature training with sliders for the most part etc. Fable the Journey seems to be the final step in the devolution of his games.

come_at_me_bro2506d ago

Yo don't count Molyneux out yet... I'm sure he can dumb it down more if he really tried.

ATi_Elite2506d ago

Your so right!

every Xbox port to PC has just been HORRIBLE.

But then again Alan wake was a PC game in the beginning so maybe Remedy will break the mold of Horrible 360 to PC ports.

Kran2506d ago

Look into reviews for the Xbox 360 version maybe? Its the same game. Oh and FYI, the game received critical acclaim.

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KeiserSosay47882506d ago

Wow, that is a HUGE difference. Makes the 360 version look pretty gross actually, even though I played that version and thought it looked okay.

john22506d ago

yeah,can't wait to play it. One more week to wait :D

jthamind2506d ago

*throws money at the computer screen*

take it and just give me the game!!!

ninjahunter2506d ago

Nuuuu, Why must my money come in later than launch T_T

kevnb2506d ago

There is always a visible difference except rare occasions.

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