File size revealed for Jak and Daxter HD Collection on Playstation Network

The file size has been revealed by Naughty Dog for the digital release of the remastered compilation, Jak and Daxter HD Collection, on the Playstation Store.

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princejb1342295d ago

this is why digital media still isn't the future
having to downoad 3.35 gb for jak 2 will take to long with my internet connection
my download speed is about 170kb so thats like 6 hours of download time

Tired2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

I was going to say those files are crazy small! It's digital as much as possible for me. It's the prices that make me think twice.

The Sly's are around the 8gb mark and the God of Wars were around 10. They took a couple of hours each.

How can your internet speed be 170kb? Have you tethered your phone to your ps3? Oh wait, hang on 3G... is 2.71Mbs...on a bad day.

Are you aware you can cheap broadband down a telephone wire? Hell, Virgin are rolling out 100Mbs, and that's pretty cheap.

*edit:- Was thinking about getting these but have never played them. The fact the files are so small is making me wonder how much 'game' there is to them. Are they short games or are the files tiny due to ND streamlining the code and such like MM did with LBP?

sashimi2295d ago

stop being cheap and get better internet or move to an area where better internet is available and stop whining -_- Digital download is the future

princejb1342295d ago

i have the cheapest internet plan for time warner cable in nyc
and yea my internet speed sucks

LolololRumz2295d ago

Took me forever to download the Sly Collection (Which is bigger) So I think I'll find this cheap somewhere