Rumour: Skylanders Giants – Uses NFC, Wii U Footage?

Activision have demoed Skylanders Giants, playing with a Wii Remote & Nunchuk, but what is that? HD visuals....? Wii U Footage?

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juegosmajicos2083d ago

Well that's neat, they sneaked in some WiiU footage in there. Also good that they're still using the Wiimote's motion capabilities, something I hope a lot of developers continue to do (*cough cough* Treyarch *cough wheeze*).

EvilTwin2083d ago

Yep. Don't leave us IR FPS players out in the cold (Activision, Ubisoft or anyone else).

dark-hollow2083d ago

people its skylanders for the wii.

You think Nintendo will allow them to demonstrate the wii u just like that?

ronin4life2083d ago

Nintendo has stated that bits and pieces of info will come up before the big e3 information blowout...

Menashe2083d ago

Please, leak us more! We're dying out here! E3 is too far away.

EvilTwin2083d ago

I'm shocked - SHOCKED! - that the Nintendo ninjas didn't contain this leak. Blood will be spilt like milk over this.

Shok2083d ago

Doesn't look too graphically different to me. I think it's just a really good looking Wii game.

Even if it was Wii U footage though, I wouldn't use SKYLANDERS as a merit of Wii U's graphical capabilities lol.

Menashe2083d ago

True, Skylanders is doubtfully the best looking game for the next generation. It probably is being made for 360 and PS3 as well. So the Wii U version isn't looking that much better than them. But that is definitely not a Wii game. Unless Skylanders is incredibly good looking.

Also, I like what they hinted about the interesting uses of NFC.

AWBrawler2083d ago

So what else is this one adding???

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The story is too old to be commented.