Any Good Kinect Games Lately?

Danielle D writes:

"I only ask because I recently got a Kinect and while the technology is most impressive, the games haven’t wooed me over. I’m starting to think I just bought the Wii for the Xbox, and we all know how that turned out. Everyone buys the tech because of the awesome looking motion senor, which is happening now. But after awhile people start to dig into the flaws of the tech and it becomes a big turn off for most. I’m starting to see that now, but that isn’t to say I’m getting bored with the Kinect."

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BlindGuardian2295d ago

any good Kinect games EVER?

EasilyTheBest2294d ago

Theres some really good Kinect games out there but N4G is not the place to come asking as some ppl here seem to think that Kinect is the Devil in disguise.

evercast2295d ago

Happy Action Theater :D came out last week. Other than that though not really :/

Drake1172295d ago

Any good motion games at all lately?

legreffer2295d ago

The gunstringer is pretty good, and you get Fruit Ninja Kinect for free.

mark01922295d ago

Yes, plenty... Like Happy Action Theater, or Kinect Disneyland Adventures.

Loads more examples here:

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