Last of Us: What Naughty Dog's sly hints and clues tell us about the story, gameplay and innovations

David Houghton, Gamesradar- "On paper, based on the explicitly revealed information, The Last of Us' blend of cinematic third-person action and two asymmetrical protagonists currently sounds like a simple case of Uncharted meets Enslaved. Not a bad combo, but certainly not as exciting as we’d expect from a new Naughty Dog IP, and certainly not as exciting as Naughty Dog have been hinting this game is.

But by reading between the lines of the implicitly revealed information, by sticking together all of the hints and looking at the shape of the resultant hint-ball, I reckon it’s pretty clear that this game is going to be much more than that."

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Dante1122175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Wow, great read. I can tell this was really thought out. The Last of Us is sounding better and better as more comes out about it.

"As Joel, you’ll be directly responsible for the person she turns out to be. And you can bet that her evolution won’t just come by way of a cheap "I am a badass now!" cut-scene. If Naughty Dog are serious about this, they’ll create in-game situations which force you – or at least give the illusion of forcing you – to direct her into these situations."

Lol, I wonder if you'll be able to play the okie doke with Ellie on other people living in that world to either kill and take or steal supplies from them. Kinda similar to the scene in the movie Frality where the kids were used to trick individuals into thinking they were hurt or needed help badly. But in a world like this, they've probably seen scams like that hundreds of times, probably done a few their selves.