Puzzler: Guess the video-game skeletons (part 2)

Think of classic video-game characters. Now take away their clothes and flesh. How many meaty protagonists can you recognize just by looking at their bones?

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THR1LLHOUSE2085d ago


Not...very good. haha

NagaSotuva2085d ago

Which two? I've never even heard of #10.

THR1LLHOUSE2085d ago

3 and 8, and only 8 cause i just played that game the other night.

I've never heard of #10 either, but it's a pretty funny title for a game.

Sadie21002085d ago

Holy crap, I didn't recognize any of these until I saw the answers.

SybaRat2085d ago

I guessed Kate Moss on all of these, so technically, I 100% this mofo.

lorianguy2085d ago

I got 2/10, and considering I only know 4 of them, I'm quite happy :)