Incoming new DUST 514 gameplay footage, MPT afterwards

CCP Jian has been active today on his twitter account and did some clarifications on mouse and keyboard support (for those that didn't believe our news in the first place), but more importantly, he tweeted that brand new gameplay footage is imminent, and I'd bet it will come this week: more... Game play video goodness: imminent. Big waves of MPT entry: a couple of weeks beyond that. That's all I can say for now :-)
— Brandon Laurino (@CCP_Jian) February 7, 2012

Stay tuned - the moment it drops we will have it here, and MPT? Who knows. But maybe we will find out more about that in CAST 514 Episode 1 that is coming this week!

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SweatyFlorida2326d ago

Hopefully the footage is more than 30 seconds -_-

cyberwaffles2326d ago

yeah and a bit more interesting. i wasn't blown away from what i saw. reminded me of Raven from MAG actually.