A Closer Look: PlayStation Vita Cradle

With the PlayStation Vita so close to release in North America, I’m sure some of you are considering accessories to go with it. With a plethora of them releasing next week, one of the more interesting ones is the cradle, which will allow you to dock your Vita as you watch movies or simply charge it.

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growlancer72177d ago

It looks nice, but what i really want is Sony to release a small bed for my Vita to sleep in.
I'm being completely serious here.

jujubee882176d ago

I laughed after seeing your avatar, thinking in my mind (the DBZ meme) than, seeing your user name.

It was a good little chuckle.

tarbis2176d ago

"The cradle is made out of plastic"
Of course it's plastic. What do he expect? titanium?

jujubee882176d ago

I would have liked a polished chrome look and carbon fiber chasis. Only the finest accessories for a fine product.

Knushwood Butt2176d ago

I use mine every day for charging.

It's not perfect, but it is inexpensive and, as I said, my Vita lives on it when I'm not using it.