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It took five long years, but The Darkness II is here with a bloody, brutal vengeance. Find out if this is the sequel the series deserves in our review of The Darkness II.

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NeoTribe2351d ago

No 5-6 hour single player game deserves that high of a score.

RememberThe3572351d ago

This seems to be the way of the shooter world now. I swear though, with campaigns that short the games should be cheaper. Why should I pay the same amount for Crysis 2, which was like 10 hours, as a game thats half as long?

cyberwaffles2351d ago

that's why these games tend to not do good in sales and are commonly bought as used titles. as much as i liked the demo, i think i'm going to just rent this.

h311rais3r2351d ago

And what do u think of uncharted 3.