What's New in Rainbow Six Vegas 2

This article is about all the changes for the first rainbow six vegas and all the new thing that they releashed in the new OXM magazine

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Charlie26883652d ago

I would really want a longer campaign, the first one was very short and when the stuff was REALLY getting cool BAMM...cliffhanger ending

btw that was probably one of the few cliffhanger ending when I was about to throw the controller against the TV :P (Halo 2 came close >.> too)

kerwin20053652d ago

Yeah, i feel you ( No homo )

bumnut3652d ago

i want multiplayer to be improved, i hated waiting for a lobby to fill for 20 mins for me or a friend to be kicked out.

please fix the multiplayer

KidMakeshift3652d ago

I loved the first one, except for the bullsh*t "To Be Continued" ending. I wish I invested more time in the multiplayer (are people still playing it?).

THC CELL3652d ago

It needs the clan feature like Black arrow did
God why are people so dumb

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