HQ4Games: Overwatch - New MW3 Map

A new picture has just been released on the Call of Duty: MW3 Facebook page. This is what the MW3 team had to say about the new map: “Overwatch is high-rise and high-risk. The new Content Drop arrives February 21 for Call of Duty Elite Premium members on Xbox 360.” Only one picture has been released so far, but there are sure to be more to follow. I for one appreciate what Activision has done with Elite and the monthly release of maps. It makes for less boredom, if you are a premium Elite member on Xbox 360, because you receive a monthly set of new maps to keep you entertained. I only hope that they improve the game types available under the Elite playlist’s, some straight up Hardcore Search would be nice.

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thisisxboxcom2296d ago

I nearly reported this as duplicate, but in checking it is actually a different screenshot :) - can't wait for this map

HQ4Games2296d ago

Yea I checked it out before I posted. :)

Rampaged Death2296d ago

Is this a Highrise remake ? I loved that map.

HQ4Games2296d ago

That's what it looks like to me. It kinda looks like a done up version of that MW2 map.