No North American UMD Passport Program

North American Vita users will not be given the UMD Passport Program that is currently available in Japan.

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zeal0us2297d ago

Oh boy I can already see some psp users raging over this.

Snookies122297d ago

Well yeah, that's really screwed up man. I traded in most of my psp games when I let go of my psp. Yet this is still really crappy that we don't even get a discount if we already have bought the game.

FriedGoat2297d ago

Its not screwed up, having the ability to get a digital copy from your UMD for a discount is a bonus its not an entitlement. If I want to play PSP i'll play my PSP, If not i'll buy the digital version.

Snookies122297d ago

@FriedGoat - I didn't say we should be entitled. I simply mean that it's crappy when you consider Japan gets this, yet we don't. THAT is what's screwed up in my opinion.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2297d ago

Why is everyone so pissed off? I had a Nintendo and could t play those games on my super Nintendo. I got a wii, and had to pay for all those games that I still have a majority of if I want to play them on the newer system.
I already know Nintendo gets a free pass but since it's Sony it's doom and gloom and they are raping your wallet.

I wanna know when the fuck are the music companies gonna refund my money for my old cassette tapes that I now have on cd or mp3. Also the movie companies for the VHS tapes/DVDs I had and still have now that Blurays have taken over. /s

growlancer72297d ago

They shouldnt be raging. if they want to play PSP games, they can play them on their PSP's.

Dlacy13g2297d ago

then why offer it to some areas and not others?

jwk942297d ago

This isn't excusable, why would you want to carry around two (three if you have a cell phone) devices on you?

moparful992296d ago

@Dlacy13g Probably because the psp was a huge hit in japan and they are trying to entice psp owners into buying a vita.. Its called marketing. Sony obviously doesn't think that there's enough of a demand for it here to make the effort worth while.. For me the only games I care about playing on my vita are the god of war games and Peace walker but I'll just buy the Metal Gear Trilogy and I already have a digital copy of chains of Olympus.. Im not realy all that worried about it nor should you, the launch lineup is stellar enough...

MmaFan-Qc2297d ago

want to play your old umd? with your psp ffs.

Half-Mafia2297d ago

Same thing when the PS3 lost BC. Did everyones PS2 suddenly stop working?

For me I buy a new system to play the new games, not go back and play old games.

Arksine2297d ago

My biggest issue with this is the fact that Sony should be focusing on customer retention first, then expand the market. The best way to get PSP owners to upgrade is to offer incentives like the passport program.

There is another way around this, and that is to make the digital versions of all older PSP games $9.99 or less. Its ridiculous to charge $29.99 for a 2+ year old PSP game. I can understand new releases, but if the game is 2 years old its hayday is over.

Blacksand12297d ago

Will i have the PSPgo it won't hurt me to switch my games over to Vita.

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Biohazard88602297d ago

Meh i really dont care i never was really into the psp but im def getting a vita

brettyd2297d ago

i dont get why people would be mad. Its a new system, not a new psp model.

banjadude2297d ago

Not to mention, you guys "should" keep the PSP. It's a great system in itself. Just like when I moved onto the PS3, I didn't hawk off my PS2.

I hope that makes sense...

Squatch832297d ago

Because Sony announced it, most likely to rope in a few extra sales they wouldnt have got otherwise.

Can safely say, for me and probably many others that this is becoming a less essential buy every day.

Lulz_Boat2297d ago

there no "console" which is essential.
Essential things are others.

brettyd2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

idk about you but im buying a Vita to play VITA games, not PSP. Although i can because i bought all my psp games off the PSN store : )

tweet752297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

isnt this the reason the psp go failed? I would have got one if they offered the option to download digital versions of games you already owned on umd. That being said 90% of Vita owners will have a psp close by they can still play there umds on anytime.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2297d ago

It failed because it was so late to the party, the digital only offering sucks at this time, it didn't have 2 analogue sticks, and people knew that an upgrade was around the corner.

jujubee882297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

When it was first announced that the UMD passport proggram had a limited amount of (Japanese) UMD<->digital and that each "transfer" would cost an additional fee, people freaked out.

Am I missing something or did people really want that here in the North America?

Half-Mafia2297d ago

Just like the Vita price. People were amazed at how cheap Sony priced it at E3, but now its to expensive. :S

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