Ultimate Game Design/Dev PC Build - i7-3860X

Gamers Nexus: "Game developers and designers are running rampant with technology of late, and whether it's real-time ray-tracing or simply designing the most complex, over-the-top games possible, strong systems have become a necessity more than ever. Rendering, encoding, and compiling times can be unbearably slow with the wrong hardware (often taking an entire night for a single, complex scene), thankfully though, this game development PC build does its best to relieve some of that time requirement."


Typo in the title, should read "3960X," not 3860. Thanks to Motorola for spotting this.

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thisisxboxcom2233d ago

Great read, great design... NICE!!

Lelldorianx2233d ago

Thanks. I love the red/black schematic on this system.

Velox2233d ago

I'm just waitining for someone to say "xbox 360 $200"

Velox2233d ago

This is monstrous... I might build the "cheap" version (not a dev, but an enthusiast).

ATi_Elite2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

There is NO reason to buy a $1000 CPU when all your gonna do is play Games.

Now if this PC was to double as a workstation and was gonna do CAD or some other Super high intensity work then yeah but just to play BF3 PC and Warcraft um NO!

Go with a Core i7 2700K or 2600K! Then use the extra $700 saved to get a GTX580 3GB SLI set up or a HD7950 CFX set up and be good to go!

THEN you would still have an extra $200 for a high end KB/M!


get a nice mid range SLI or CFX setup like a GTX560ti 448 or HD6950 and overclock them then use the extra cash to buy a triple monitor set-up!

Lelldorianx2233d ago

Did you even read the title? The entire purpose of the PC is to perform as a development rig. The first paragraph clearly states that gamers should stick with an i5-2500k or something similar.

Lelldorianx2233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )

It's a typo, that's what it is :P Should read 3960X.

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