Tera Beta: Make Your Own Kitten

IGN: Creating a character you can identify is an important step for any MMO. You could be looking at the same face (or back of the head) for tens of thousands of hours. If you end up with a character that's not easy on the eyes, or in some way unsatisfactory, it can make your time in the world uneasy. On the flipside, the chance to inhabit a fantastical world as a beautiful, or strong, or adorably cute being can greatly aid in the immersive process.

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ATi_Elite2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

This will be the first MMO that i play as a Female character. The Castanics are like the hottest video game characters ever and i'm gonna make mine extra slutty. lol

Check out the video and see just how Gorgeous Tera Online is gonna be PLUS the combat is real-time and none of that take turn crap.