Must Play: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

From QuickSave:

"You may have experienced life as a space marine, stealth assassin, special agent or even life as a scantily clad woman, but have you been just an "ordinary man"? Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune places you in this very role of being an ordinary man, named Nathan Drake, who happens to be the descendent of famous English explorer, Sir Francis Drake. While Drake lacks the military training of a hardened marine and the finesse of ninja, he somehow embarks on quite the pulp action adventure starring pirates, mercenaries, booby traps and bottomless pits. The prize of this adventure: the lost treasure of El Dorado."

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TruthBTold3808d ago

for any gamer that loves adventure should check this game out. Lots of fun, action, comedy, and great story that will keep you wondering "whats next". If you have a PS3 and looking for a game this holiday, you should look at Uncharted as one of your top choices.