EDGE: Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Review

EDGE- What arrives on shop shelves is an epic RPG with a user-friendly pick-up-and-play ethos. This most obviously manifests itself in the responsive player character. If you’ve hacked and slashed a bloody path through God Of War, you won’t need any introduction to Reckoning’s combination of button mashing, evasive dodges and timed parries. That each weapon is limited to one button prevents complexity but welcomes experimentation – equip a new weapon and you’re only a few prods away from mastering it. Combat isn’t deep, but it is wide, thanks to multiple weapon classes and the mountains of loot within them.

At its heart, Reckoning is an interesting tale about disrupting cyclical fate – ironic, considering the game’s largely repetitive nature – and when the story gets to shine, 38 Studios and Big Huge Games’ friendlier design presents a welcome change of pace

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Baba19062266d ago

like allways. why am i not suprised. =D

gillri2266d ago

indeed another well written review from EDGE

StraightPath2266d ago

Poor mans Skyrim I guess looks average at best nothing to spectacular, Although Skyrim combat and quests are nothing spectacular either. However Skyrim offers so much content that really people look past the medicore and boring quests and awful combat mechanies and other stuff.

Skyrim only suffers from problems on the despicable PS3 version.

rdgneoz32266d ago

You do realize that for KOA, they did speed runs of the game, skipping cut scenes, fast traveling everywhere they could, sprinting where they could, and did the main story in 30 to 40, and every quest they had in about 200. Its also got the housing, crafting, marriage, alchemy as well. Overall, KOA is more along the lines of Fable then Skyrim in terms of gameplay, somewhat dumb to compare. They might both be RPGs, but its like comparing a TPS to a FPS (and in the past Elder Scrolls has had crappy animations for the third person view).

So they both have a lot of content, 2 different gameplay styles, yet you over look the problems of one and bash the other. Very nice.

p.s. I have the PS3 Skyrim (waiting for patch to play again...) and PS3 KOA (once it gets here from Amazon).

Montrealien2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )


double Post fail, rofl

Montrealien2265d ago

StraightPath said..

"However Skyrim offers so much content that really people look past the medicore and boring quests and awful combat mechanies and other stuff. "

directly followed by..

"Skyrim only suffers from problems on the despicable PS3 version."

Comment fail much?

/on topic

Love this game, and if a poor mans Skyrim means that I actually have some gameplay in my deep RPG, then consider me Charli Chaplin's The Tramp.

SwampCroc2265d ago (Edited 2265d ago )

poor man Skyrim... HAHAHAHA...

KoA... loads 10x faster then Skyrim..

different weapons Skyrim could only dream of implementing.

crafting items and socketable items... (reminds me of Diablo II, blows Skyrim out of the world)

doesn't seem to have any issues that Skyrim has... and PS3 Skyrim isn't the only broke one.. It has issues on all the systems...

I have no idea why KoA is getting so much hate...

probably because the people are too scared to get off the bethesda dick sucking train and play a different game...

there is absolutely nothing wrong with KoA... I'm loving it.. and those of you that are too stubborn to buy or play it because of some petty reason are fucking stupid.

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Seventh_Blood_Reborn2266d ago

Edge and their urgent need to appear different from others ...

Baba19062266d ago

i guess a 6 is pretty good for them. it just doesnt make anysence to me. but opinions are opnions is guess. i know its just an opinion but come on, 6 sounds allways as if they hadnt had any fun at all when playing it. =D sometime i think they have the wrong job maybe they should review movies or books.

smithdown2265d ago

Why is reviewing movies or books so different to reviewing games?? It's all critical analysis!!

Is it simply because you don't like the fact that their reviews are intelligent, articulate and, shock horror, actually CRITICAL of the games? In your view, it seems that every game should be given either an 8, 9 or 10.

Morons... Honestly I give up with this site, I just end up exasperated by all this thoughtless drivel.

Baba19062265d ago

im not saying that the reviews arent well written, i just think that they like to give out low numbers so they can feel as if they where doing something special. sure maybe he hated it.he has the right to do that. its really subjectiv and as you say a critical analysis, but i think i am alloud to disagree with the review. i dont think that makes me a moron. and of course not every game should get a 8-10, but from what i have played i just dont agree with the 6. i would be mad if at work and in the uniersity i would only give 60% of what was expected of me.

But please dont get all mad about it. its just opinions.

YourFlyness2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

If Skyrim can get a perfect score, with its shortcomings, I cant see how reviewers can give this game low scores

wynams2266d ago

Nice read.

This game is too generic and asks too little of the RPG gamer to engage with.

In 3 months, this game will not be discussed remotely to the degree that Skyrim still is.

Not a bad first attempt from 38 Studios tho.

YourFlyness2266d ago

I think Skyrim is only being discuss because of the Bugs ,and game-breaking Lag

rdgneoz32266d ago

Yep, one of the recent Skyrim articles being how to 1 shot the hardest type of dragon on the hardest difficulty using bugged items....

Montrealien2265d ago

try pactuslly playing the games and having your own opinion wynams, you know, besides just shaping your opinion on others people's opinions.

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