Battlefield 3 - Why You Shouldn't Play Battlefield Drunk

Not quite trolling and not quite griefing, at least drunken teammates are well intentioned.

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Mr Tretton2265d ago

Sorry, but beer and or weed makes me play just as good. Gets me in a zone.

gcolley2265d ago

one makes you run around taking dumb (but funny) risks and the other makes you creep around like you are really there

cyberwaffles2265d ago

some anti-drug losers must've thumbed you down. i completely agree though, those substances can get you in the zone. i'll just say this, God of War 3 was a lot more epic than i initially expected after a couple of good bowls. played it from beginning to end in one sitting at a friend's house; didn't even realize how late it was.

RickHiggity2264d ago

It's the best way to play games

josephayal2265d ago

C'mon Why beer? Coffee is better

Jdub895O2259d ago

i have amazing skillz when im drunk gaming