The World's Largest Video Game Collections

What do you do with your old controllers, game systems and cartridges? Some people can’t seem to part with the accessories they collect over a lifetime of gaming, and they’ve created massive gaming collections that are also pretty impressive.

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Fatty2269d ago

I've got a pretty huge collection, so I think I'll register with them and show off some pics.

theeg2269d ago

i have more games in my garage in boxes, this title is incredibly misleading, those 64-64 controllers are so lame, the system sucked, the first guy was a total wapanesse, had more animae crap, stuffed animals, cartoon porn and lame ancient systems.

banjadude2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

I follow that Brycecorp guy on Youtube. He has like 7+ videos of his video game collection... and I believe at one point he said "he hasn't even scratched the surface of his collection!".

I'm SO jealous! He's got some REALLY rare stuff!

SKUD2269d ago

The day the network goes down (and it will) you wont see this guy crying about it. Endless entertainment.