10 PS1 Games That The PSN Needs: Part 1 of 2

Trendy Gamers: Over the past few years the number of classic games on the Playstation Network has grown tremendously. Where originally there were few good Playstation 1 games that people wanted to download, now there is Metal Gear Solid, Vagrant Story, Crash Bandicoot, and many Final Fantasy games. There are all fantastic Playstation games but for some gamers out there, these just aren’t what they want. There are still plenty of great Playstation games to tap into for the gamers out there in need! Here is part 1 of my 2 part list of PS1 games that need to come to the PSN.

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Godmars2902205d ago

Capcom's already given - lame - reason as to why MML wont be on PSN.

Sizzon2205d ago

Tekken 3
Gran Turismo 2

I would like those 2 and those 2 would of been huge sellers, right now I think the biggest PS1 classic is FF7.

Arnagrim2205d ago

I would like Tomba! and Tomba! 2 on PSN. Still one of my favorite platforming series of all time.

TrendyGamers2205d ago

That would be awesome if they released them on back to back weeks.

lorianguy2205d ago

Vigilante 8 ;)

Unless it has to be an exclusive.

KwietStorm2205d ago

Die Hard Trilogy
Tekken 3
Return Fire
Soul Blade

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The story is too old to be commented.