THQ's Fall from Grace - The Digital Fix

Icarus wasn't really a bad chap. Imprisoned (presumably against his will) he only sought a means of escape, a method by which he could leave the confines of his small domain and grow into the man he wished to be. Faced with the vehicle of his escape and a perfect example of how to utilise them from his father, Daedalus, Icarus instead chose a riskier route, ultimately flying too close to the Sun and then falling, flailing, into the sea. While usually attributed to hubris, I like to look on the example of Icarus as one that instead demonstrates youthful exuberance - after all, the ancient Greeks had hardly any risk mitigation planning at all.

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LX-General-Kaos2263d ago

THQ was never all that great to begin with. The games they produce are comparable to B rated movies. Also to add insult to injury, they have some of the worst online servers known to man.