David Jaffe Clarifies Eat, Sleep, Play’s Future

Recently there has been word that Eat Sleep and Play has let go nearly 20% of their employees before the release of Twisted Metal has even happened. While this has been confirmed as being true, a lot of people are speculating and trying to say what the future of ESP will be. Some rumors have talked about forgetting about console games and worrying more about the mobile platform. Others are worried that with less people on the team the support for the new Twisted Metal will be hurting from that. Jaffe himself decided to clarify to everyone via Neogaf. His post can be found below. Thanks David, for clearing this up.

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Abash2356d ago

Well either way Eat, Sleep, Play is under a three game contract for Sony

GamerSciz2356d ago

Yes but David himself confirms he will be leaving ESP by end of March this year.

Berserk2356d ago

Who CARES I STILL OWN YOU??? Damn this cheeseburger is delicious...

s45gr322356d ago

oh well hopefully he keeps making great games