Cheating is great, as long as it's offline

Cheating in video games often gets a bad rap, but sometimes it just makes games more fun.

As long as the cheating isn't done online where it can ruin the experience for everyone.

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pangitkqb2175d ago

After playing my way through much of Skyrim on PS3, I got a PC copy and used all kinds of cheats and mods to make the game new and exciting all over again.

Dovahkiin2175d ago

I just downloaded an edited game save, same difference. Very fun! I did the same on FO3 and New Vegas.

pangitkqb2174d ago

Where did you find the edited game save? that is a cool idea

pat_11_52175d ago

As long as it stays out of online multiplayer, cheating is cool with me.

Voxelman2175d ago

Cheating in multiplayer is just not cool, but as long asa your cheating only effects you, who cares?

pat_11_52174d ago

Some people think cheating on your own cheats the game's experience.