VGChartz Gap Charts, January 2012 Update

Seb Parker: Welcome to the all new VGChartz Gap charts. This month I'm introducing two new charts, PS2 Vs. NDS Shipments which will be quarterly, and 3DS Vs. PS Vita in Japan. The remaining charts consist of X360 Vs. Wii USA, PS3 Vs. Wii Europe, PS3 Vs. X360 Global and X360 Vs. Wii UK. Next month I will add a 3DS Vs. Vita Global chart, to coincide with its Worldwide launch this February.

As I missed December's gap charts I will add the statistics in with this months.

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moparful992263d ago

Not a fan of vgchartz but like a curious dog to his own excrement I continue to read the articles... I must say though that this article(if accurate) shows just how much parity there is worldwide this generation between 3 home consoles!

I can't ever remember 3 consoles surviving and managing to be viable in this idustry concurrently... Looking forward to Sony's end of fiscal year numbers in march..

Microsoft basically owns christmas and sony owns the first 3 months of the year. Everything in between is up for grabs...