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Orpheus2235d ago

Ohhh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah .... :D :D :D

reynod2235d ago

3 Gigs of high res textures this is awesome man. Long live PC gaming.

RedDragan2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Greenburg called, he wants to know why they didn't get this on Xbox 30 days ago.

Who is going to break the bad news to him?


Brownghost2235d ago

People these days don't know sarcasm or a joke

pr0digyZA2235d ago

It's hard to convey sarcasm in words, because if that was-then it went right over my head.

SubZeroMaster2234d ago

you'll just have to guess ;)

ChrisF2235d ago

can't wait to dig into this

Letros2235d ago

Nice! Let the user created content begin!

jimimick2235d ago

downloading @ 50kbps on optic fibre :S

TomInc2235d ago

Does Steam usually slow down when there's high demand? Never downloaded anything -as announced- until now and I"m experiencing slow DL times too..

--Onilink--2235d ago

yeah, but when there is slow down, its probably absurdly high demand, i cant even begin to download it. Well considering how many people had been playing skyrim on steam the past couple of months, i cant say im surprised we managed to pretty much knock down the server

caboose322235d ago

Downloading at 3.4 MB/s

Eff yea.

Moragami2235d ago

Change locations, maybe there's an issue with your local server.

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The story is too old to be commented.