Final Fantasy Versus XIII to be Mature Rated

As many of us noticed, at one point in the new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer, the Prince impales one particular soldier with one of his many weapons. This is no new thing to Final Fantasy, but the effect you are all now thinking of is, blood and gore. provides screen shots to see the exact moment in the trailer.

Minor blood has been in Final Fantasy's in the past, like on Sephiroth's face at the end of FFVII and the tiny patch of blood on Cloud's shirt after being stabbed by Sephiroth in FFVII: Advent Children. Those fall under the ESRB Teen Rating for "containing minimal blood". What is seen in the Versus trailer is in no stretch of the imagination "minimal blood", but easily fits into the ESRB Mature Rating's "contain intense violence, blood and gore" category, the article continues.

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MK_Red3838d ago

OMG, I pray that it's true. I'd kill to see this happen. FFXIII Versus just moved up in my book by 10000000. Seriously, a mature rated FF could be a revolution. I love M rated J-RPGs like Paraside Eve and SMT.

nanometric3838d ago

Parasite Eve and Nocturne are still the best two RPG's I have ever played. And I agree, I've been hoping for an M rated FF for ages

P.S. I would give you bubbles, but you don't seem to need any :D

C_SoL3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

but the VS video convinced me to get Final Fantasy VS only cause it's more like Kingdom Hearts(I heard)....not really into RPG's, sorry.....sooner or later I'll get into it, I just haven't really played enough RPG's...

Grassroots3838d ago

It's is more like KH, it's a action RPG and is being created by the KH team, and the Advent Children teams. Now on the rating, they will get a teen out of it.

MK_Red3838d ago

I can't even begin to imagine a Final Fantasy with Blood and Gore.

Bonsai12143838d ago

it makes for a more immersive story telling experience..

Sevir043838d ago

any for of impaling in gameplay and decapitations this will be an amazing mature FF that will have jack thompson talking about why we should bann RPGS... which would spurr along a controversy and user gamer awareness which equals more than phenominal sales for versus... I can only hope it goes for a more mature viceral, gritty but elegant action packed game. it will be amazing because the game play in KH2 had a bit of teleporting/mid air flight combat with Xemnas and that dude with the sniper,

i loved using the Warp command when that dude would fire is snipers it was just amazing to look at and then the reversal command when fighting xemnas was nothing short of awesome and DBZ/advent children in some aspect... this will be amazing if they make this part of the permanent battle system for this game... and i pray they make it mature... they better, it will be the first Mature FF and be revolutionary action RPG from them to ull off a well recieved mature rating FF game.

LinuxGuru3838d ago

to see an apocalyptic series of RPG's like Final Fantasy start taking itself seriously and including the blood and gore that would come along with fighting all these insane battles and wars.

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The story is too old to be commented.