Top 5 Excruciatingly DIFFICULT Video Game Franchises in the history of gaming

In today's player friendly gaming era it's not a surprise to see video games crafted with unlimited continues, difficulty sliders, regenerating health bars and frequent checkpoints.
Have we finally reached a state where its very hard even to feel a sense of accomplishment or euphoria we once used to feel after a grueling controller shattering gameplay experience
These 5 games can be considered the Epitome of Difficulty when it comes to concocting video game mechanics we rarely see nowadays.

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geniusgamerdoc2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Just the thought of BATTLETOADS and the Galaxyman level in MEGAMAN 9 gives me goosebumps even to this day.

Super ghosts and ghouls on NES was also a very difficult game.

Ninja Gaiden BLACK is hands down the hardest Ninja Gaiden yet!!

Blacktric2358d ago

Agreed about Megaman 9. But calling Demons Souls "excruciatingly difficult" is nothing more than stupid. I've been playing it since mid January and I love everything about it. But difficulty is certainly not as difficult as some people are making it out to be. New Game is relatively easy to get through while New Game+ is a bit challenging in comparison to New Game. I'm on my 4th playthrough right now (New Game+++) and sense of accomplishment is still strongly there. Oh and one of many reasons that shows how really poor the article is written is how the writer doesn't even know about game's developer and how he called out Atlus like they ve made the game...

aaronobst2357d ago

Different people have different views on whats difficult bro

HarryMasonHerpderp2357d ago

I still haven`t completed dark souls.
I'm at the crystal place with the giants
and invisible floors. You telling me that place
isn't hard lol?

stevenhiggster2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

There is a common misconception around Demons Souls, it's not actually difficult, it's just ridiculously frustrating.
If it had normal checkpoints like any other game it wouldn't even be discussed in this sense.

WipEout Pure on PSP, now thats a difficult game, I congratulate anyone who has all gold medals in every class in that game. I'm good at WipEout (top 300 pretty much every track speed lap, top 100 in a few in HD/Fury) and even I suck at Phantom class in that game!

And Ghosts n Goblins is well the hardest game I've ever played.

Saladfax2357d ago

I just object to the use of the word "excruciatingly."

I mean seriously, try saying it out loud. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. Like most adverbs, it falls under the category of "worst word ever."

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gillri2358d ago

alot of NES and Sega Saturn games should be in here

Ninja Gaiden, The 'Souls' games, Super Meat Boy..but why do noone mention Bayonetta? even on Normal it was quite a challenge, I tried Hard mode and gave up 2 levels in and it wasnt even the hardest mode

geniusgamerdoc2358d ago

You are absolutely right bro. Most of the NES games were very difficult. Current generation is such a joke. Developers are too sacred to take risks and making games difficult involves risks. Ive forgotten the pleasure and a sense of reward old games used to provide.

frelyler2358d ago

Bayonetta really was not that difficult. Try the original DMC on Dante must die mode. That game should have absolutely made it onto the list. DMC3 was also quite challenging.

gillri2357d ago

weird I didnt find DMC hardest mode that hard compared to bayonetta, hell I think Bayonetta is harder than dark souls

wolokowoh2357d ago

@gillri You must not be using accessories and items. You can stock up healing items and use the Climax bracer and evil rosary thing to make infinite climax extremely. If you go in with only weapons using no items it is more challenging than most games but is still very possible. The extra chapter and secret boss were more difficult though. Still DMC3 and DMC1 were harder than that on Dante Must Die. That being said I found Heaven or Hell on DMC3 to be relatively easy.

Frankfurt2358d ago

Bayonetta isn't hard on Normal. It's a breeze.

GameOn2357d ago

Yeah even on Infinity Climax, Bayonetta is pretty easy.

I_am_Batman2358d ago

Bayonetta wasn't that hard at all. I've played through on Climax difficulty and do not remember it being harder than an avarage game on the hardest setting.

Razongunz2358d ago

Bayonetta? lol, i played it on normal and its just buttonsmashing... spin ur analog stick and spam arm guns and leg guns attacks..its was a cake walk :P but bayonetta is a great game :)

snipes1012357d ago

You fail to realize that this article says "franchises." Bayonetta is not a franchise and neither was Battle Toads.

As for people talking about the difficulty and how its easy, not everyone has the same skill level. For the average gamer many of these are quite difficult.

DoomeDx2357d ago

Why are you getting disagrees?

Its a fact that the article says Franchises.

N4G should remove the ''Agree/Disagree'& #39; system, and change it to ''Thumbs up / Thumbs down''

barb_wire2357d ago

You do know that there are 5 'Battletoads' games? I think that qualifies as a franchise.

snipes1012357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Didn't know battle toads wasnt a franchise. Now I do haha. Thanks for at least telling my why you disagreed, if you did at all.

But Bayonetta still isnt a video game franchise.

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Relientk772358d ago

Definitely Ninja Gaiden and Megaman

Hx3KinG2358d ago

arguably the worst site ive ever come across, its hardly searchable, riddled with infinite ads!

Vladplaya2358d ago

Holy shit, how many advertising and pop ups can they add to a single website? No story is worth of so much crap, fk that shit.

RockmanII72358d ago

Ninja Gaiden
Demons Souls

mistajeff2357d ago

thank you, i stopped reading for the same reason as^^

GrandTheftZamboni2357d ago

Wasn't going to click, but now I'm curious how bad can it be, I have to check it out.

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