Starhawk: Limited Edition and Box Art Revealed

PS Blog:
Greetings PlayStation Blogosphere! If you have been playing the Public Beta or have been tracking Starhawk online, you may have noticed that we’ve tacked on more and more reasons for you to pick up this Build & Battle epic on May 8th: a badass hero, transforming mechs, and outer space dogfights just to name a few.

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mayberry2206d ago

Starhawk is a sleeper hit! Right combination of deep gameplay and pick-up and play aspects! Such a blast!

hellzsupernova2206d ago

i hope so!!!! looks like a fantastic game if you have the right team

DigitalRaptor2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

You're damn right about a sleeper hit. Sadly, I really doubt it's gonna get the attention it deserves. Could be one of the most fun experiences on consoles, but people would rather stick to CoD!

brodychet2206d ago

I really like Starhawk, but I'm almost positive it won't get the attention it should get. So many people tend to overlook things that aren't advertised enough.