Vita 'doesn't compromise gaming experiences,' says BioShock father

CVG: Although Irrational Games has since gone dark on the project, Levine has offered his opinions on the Vita. Speaking in an interview with PSM3 he was asked how he feels about the hardware, after approaching it cautiously at first. He replied by calling Vita a "really interesting platform" and citing the hardware's ability to preserve the purity of different gaming experiences as a key strength.

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Razongunz2175d ago

I agree, its a stunning platform, just make as many games on the vita as u can Mr. Bioshock! the more the better.

Colwyn2175d ago

Can you imagine c.o.d on the vita later on this year. Or imagine what killzone or Gran turismo will look like on the vita. I'm basically looking forward to big dev teams with a lot of resources to make AAA titles for the vita because the chances are higher for amazing quality.

BrutallyBlunt2175d ago

Vita is an amazing piece of hardware but in order for it to do well it needs unique games that can only be played on Vita. Recreating a console like experience is what stagnated the PSP. Why would i pay $50 to play Uncharted on Vita if i can pay only $10 more for the Playstation 3 version that holds more content and has a full-blown online component that can also look great on a big screen HDTV in full digital surround sound?

one2thr2175d ago

Same reason, why would I play Pacman on my phone, when I can play it on my Pc...
Its all about portability dude you cant play the console version of Uncharted on a city bus, let alone hook up a PS3 on a city bus...

BrutallyBlunt2175d ago


And how much did it cost to play Pacman on your phone? Sony had an ace up its sleeve with Vita and Playstation 3 connectivity, trouble is they want to charge you dual licenses that allow cross-platform play. Valve allowed Portal 2 Playstation 3 owners to buy 1 license that could be redeemed on Steam.

I realize Uncharted: Abyss is a different game designed for Vita but it's still the same IP that could easily be done on the Playstation 3. It's not likely to happen any time soon as they want people to buy the Vita hardware. However if you look at past PSP games like God of War they have done great jobs bringing the to the console.

The point is $50 is a lot of money for a portable game. People may not think Vita directly competes with smartphones and other portable devices like tablets but they do have an impact of how people now perceive value.

Wintersun6162175d ago

You do know that Vita has and will be getting unique exclusive games that utilize Vitas unique features, right? Does games like Gravity Rush, Little Deviants, Alien Spidey, Escape Plan, Sound Shapes etc ring a bell? Why are you ignoring these games? Also what's so bad about having the best of both worlds? Hell, games like God of War, GTA, MGS, Persona etc were the main reason why I was interested in the PSP. And now that we will be getting even better experiences on the go thanks to dual analogs, rear touchpad, sixaxis etc, the Vita will be the first ever must buy handheld for me.

MasterCornholio2175d ago

Finally a portable that's brings the core the handheld experience that they were craving for. It thrills me to hear a developer say positive things about the Vita.


Hisiru2175d ago

Finally? Well I heard the same thing about the PSP years ago.

GribbleGrunger2175d ago

because it was for it's time. if you hadn't noticed, the industry has moved on and got better

Solid_Snake372175d ago

I think he's stuck in 2005

Cloudberry2175d ago

Despite still experiencing motion sickness, I could enjoy the story.

I hope Bioshcok Vita, if it's happen, would be also good.

Irrational Games could go all out with their Unreal Engine on Vita.

Fishy Fingers2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Which he's basically saying is largely down to dual sticks. Which was a facepalm moment for the original PSP design team.

Common sense to add another to be honest.

jujubee882175d ago

The PS Vita has actual STICKS (that rotate around an axis).

The fact analog sticks are on a portable still blows my mind.

teedogg802175d ago

Yeah, dual analog sticks FTW! 7 more days!