Drooling Minecraft Village 3D Print

DSOGaming writes: "This is simply amazing. YouTube's member 'bogenfreund0' has uploaded a video of a 3D print from a Minecraft Village. This 3D model of minecraft-village was exported directly out of the game world using a modified command, colored using CAD software, and printed on a Zprinter 650. The end result is mind-blowing and a beauty to behold."

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Relientk772054d ago

awesome job, to the person who created this

Voxelman2053d ago

"Drooling" really? That is just weired

john22053d ago

drooling all over the place. Want that 3D print :D :D

snakebite362053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

I made a chess set and board a couple years ago and printed it out with one of those printers. It's really fun to print your models out in 3D.