Jak & Daxter Collection Review - JPS

"Back on the original PlayStation, Naughty Dog released the iconic Crash Bandicoot games. This quirky platformer became an instant hit and even redefined the genre. As we moved into another generation, Naughty Dog also moved onto a new platforming series known as Jak & Daxter. Keeping true to what made Crash Bandicoot so amazing; Jak & Daxter became a smash hit. Several years and sequels later, Jak & Daxter are finally back. Following in the shoes of other PlayStation 2 classics; the original games have been revamped in HD and various other improvements for the PlayStation 3." - JPS

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jspencep2173d ago

I really wish this would come to the vita!

MariaHelFutura2173d ago

It probably will. The MGS collection is going to the PSV.

jspencep2173d ago

Or I hope I might be able to play it through remote play

Cajun Chicken2173d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this!

kingeo2173d ago

Is there any bugs?I heard that the game freezes in some areas and the saved data deleted