Playstation Destination: Bioshock Infinite Will Include Move Support and 3D

Playstation Destination is happening right now and Bioshock Infinite has been confirmed to include both Move support and 3D as well.

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Derekvinyard132209d ago

lets hope it more like Bioshock 1

KwietStorm2209d ago

I think it'll be different, but in a good way. With Ken Levine and the original team on it, its at the top of my list for the year. I know what you mean though. Bioshock 2 was a waste.

jony_dols2209d ago

Sweet, always good to have options, I'd say the 3D will look pretty awesome for the 'rail riding' sequences.

vickers5002209d ago

1st playthrough: Hard Mode
2nd playthrough: 1999 Mode
3rd playthrough: Easiest mode with PS Move

(not very good with ps move, lol)

Christopher2209d ago

Hasn't this been known since E3?

TrendyGamers2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

The Move support was announced at E3 but full 3D support wasn't, if I'm not mistaken.

Christopher2209d ago

That might be it. Thanks.

KwietStorm2209d ago

Levine said he thought motion controls were a gimmick until he used the Move and got some ideas. It interested him but he didn't confirm anything.

Chicago85062209d ago

as always, I'll give the Move a go with games that allow the option, but m most excited about the 3D option.

Ever since playing UC3 and a few other titles in 3D, I couldn't get it out my head of what kind ov experience a game like Bioshock/Dead Space would offer.
M excited.

Game on.

SlxTeN2209d ago

don't care about 3D but PS Move support is always welcome.

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The story is too old to be commented.