PixelJumpers - Jak and Daxter Collection Review

"If you’ve played the series before then you know how great they are and have probably already gone to the store to pick up your copy and if you haven’t played them, then prepare to be astonished by what is quite possibly the best series to have ever graced the Playstation 2. Plus you’ve got the extra added incentive of gaining 100 new trophies. Now bring on Jak 4 because I can’t take the wait any longer!" Oren Giladi, Editor-in-Chief

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RevXM2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

It really gets to me that the games in a HD Collection isnt in 1080p and lacks in the AA departement.

But other than that it looks good, they upped some stuff and thats great. I will get it as soon as it gets a price drop.