Videogame Terminology Guide

Site: Are you a gamer new to the scene who has found them self in a multiplayer game lobby, listening to a conversation between other players, feeling like they are speaking another language? Well, sometimes they are, other times they are using gamer terminology that takes a gaming veteran to truly understand. Have a look below for a list of some of the things you may hear while eavesdropping on some game lobby conversations. Feel free to add more that you have heard to the comments section.

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CPUSmith2171d ago

You forgot some of the most important ones like teabagging, PK, Camping, Buff, mule, Nerf, rape, TK.

PixL2171d ago

38 entries. Wow, that must have taken the author like... an hour!

SlowBurn2171d ago

kill stealing,bullet counting,spraying the moon,KGP,noob boosting,powder kegging,alt,corner camping,boost roosters,K/D R, R K/D super-cooper,shine downers,stat padding,DPS,healer stealer,DPM,DPH,PHD monger cakes,hip shot auto kick,no skill samson 'NSS', BAFG,grind ranking,snipe snitching,AFK,KPG,jackpot soup,midnight gun-shy,rpg-tard,locked lobby johnsons,creep talking,BBC beatnick,TK,sardine sandwich,wilson warfare,DPS etc,LOL,COD buster billies,LOL,LMAO,PC power tripping 'PCPT',beer belly bastards,IMHO,MMO,hamster wheel pancake kids HWPK, and so on.

pucpop2170d ago

you forgot get a life

FunkMacNasty2170d ago

wait, he listed Game Genie and Game Shark..?? They still make those? Last time i used game genie was back in the early 90's with my super NES.

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