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Submitted by BiggCMan 1460d ago | news

Nvidia’s 600 Series Leaks Onto Web

Judging by these alleged prices and specs, Nvidia is looking to put the hurt on AMD in a serious way. As you can see, these cards are not going to be cheap, and top-level performance will come at a very high premium. (NVIDIA, PC, Tech)

FutureTechnologies  +   1460d ago

GTX 670_____499.99$

It's about 200$ more for the 20%-30% faster.

GTX 660Ti_____399.99$
And this one is about 180$ for the 20%-30% faster.
The GTX X60ti cards are supposed to be close to high end cards, not have high end prices.

GPU & CPU company must improve tech by keeping the same price while eliminating the older gen cards and processors. If they keep it like that GTX 700 & 800 series will be in the 1000$.
Oschino1907  +   1460d ago
That's why if you can't afford it or find it to not be worth it then you wait a while till the price comes down like most people would. Having the biggest and the best before everyone has a premium price to it, no one is forcing you to buy it at that price or ever at all.
Colwyn  +   1460d ago
"That's why if you can't afford it or find it to not be worth it then you wait a while till the price comes down like most people would. Having the biggest and the best before everyone has a premium price to it, no one is forcing you to buy it at that price or ever at all"

best statement i see here. most people expect to get quality for cheap. bubbles bubbles
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h311rais3r  +   1460d ago
It's nvidia. They always over charge.
aaaaaaaaa  +   1460d ago
Sorry to say it but I think you are flat out wrong with that statement.

nVidia offers much more than AMD Radeon the only thing I can see AMD/ATi offers over nVidia is 3 screen support over 1 card (eyefinity)

Please don't take this the wrong way but AMD have failed there customers badly over the past 4 years, this includes me as I've had ATi cards since before the 1900xt. For me this time round I will be buying one of the nVidia cards due to AMD's frailer to keep pace with there main competitors just look at Physics nVidia have had it for 4 year now and what have AMD done about it?, failed with Havok, failed with Bullet physics and there was one other that I can't remember.

Stereoscopic gaming it only took AMD 2 years to adopt. 2 years lol what a joke.

At the rate AMD are going with there Radeon brand Intel will be upon them real soon.
vulcanproject  +   1460d ago
We don't know the exact performance to say what these cards are really worth, only rumoured performance.

Well the midrange stuff with the 256bit memory bus is supposed to be at least on par with, if not better than 7970. i.e the GTX660 written there- 3.4bn transistors. This correlates to that leak which says the GK104 is smaller than 7970(4.3bn), but still manages to at least get close to it.

This makes sense. 7970 beats GTX580 which has 3bn transistors by about 20 percent. 660 there has just over 10 percent more transistors (3.4bn), and the clocks are supposed to be high thus roughly making up the rest of the gap(with architecture tweaks etc).

Correct me if i am wrong, but 7970 costs well over $500. 660 there is quoted as around $319.

Meaning if all these claims i have read is accurate, thats not expensive, thats pretty decent.

Then you have the full fat, big dies the 6.4bn transistor chip which should obliterate 7970. Even as a 660ti there with a bunch of bits disabled then for under $400 with performance that smokes 7970 right is that so bad? Thats top end. A card for $150 LESS than 7970 goes for now, and is say....15-20 percent faster? Sounds fine to me.

End of the day if you can get 7970 performance for around $300 what are you moaning at?? Right now that money gets you a GTX570, so for the same cash you could maybe get like a 30-35 percent performance boost from a GTX660- not to be sniffed at.

Thats a nice jump for the same outlay. Now we just have to see how the lower end stuff performs.
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Conzul  +   1460d ago
See, I avoid Intel for the same reason: The performance boost is notable but it does me no good if I'll NEVER HAVE THE MONEY TO GET IT IN MY LIFETIME.

So, yeah, uh.....AMD all the way!
CoD511  +   1460d ago
Sigh, I don't know why everyone keeps on taking these for legit specs. Nvidia already confirmed they've dumped hotclocks (i.e different clocks between the shaders and the rest of the GPU) but the extended view of these specs show differing clocks still...
one2thr  +   1460d ago
If this is true, then I'm going to have to flip a coin on choosing the 660 or 660 ti cards... This should be interesting.
JsonHenry  +   1460d ago
I'll wait till someone I trust like reviews them before I make any purchasing decisions.

You can throw numbers and figures at me all day long but no one should trust those. The proof will be in the final product. Just wait out the reviews.
Mikhail  +   1460d ago
Even though i buy intel and nvidia products. AMD must step up to stay competitive. i dont want nvidia and intel to dictate the pc hardware market.
gamernova  +   1460d ago
I currently use AMD but I don't think I'm staying that way for long. Nvidia is gonna shit on em if these specs are true.

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