Resident Evil 6 has “Something brand new”, zombies will be different

IGN have scored an interview with producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi where he talks about how Resident Evil 6 will, “Challenge something brand new and this is something we’ll be telling you all about in the coming months”.

Dodgy translation aside it sounds like Resi 6 has some new feature up its sleeve, especially as Hirabayashi mentions RE 5′s co-op as something, “That had never been done in the series before,” as an example. That makes it sound like it might be more than just the Resident Evil 6 six player co-op recently leaked.

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bahabeast2355d ago

completely different control set up?? i would love to enjoy resident evil games but the controls are fkin anoying and IMO a real P.O.S

DanSolo2355d ago

Yeah, the control system feels as clunky as it felt back in Resident Evil 1, but back then it was totally acceptable as the game was awesome for it's time....
But now it just feels dated!

Some people like to say it adds to the fear element, but if a game needs clunky controls to instil fear then it's clearly doing something wrong!

I personally hope that they build the game right;
good controls, good story, and genuine fear rather than the fear of dodgy camera angles and antiquated controls!

bahabeast2355d ago

dead space 2 scary, great story IMO, and nice controlls, its also in 1080 :D

gillri2355d ago

I always thought the 3 different scenario, will all be 2 player coop but you play them through at the same time with 3 teams of 2 pairs

PamPoovey2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

It better have the inventory screen back

Oh and Zombies are differen't......knew there was a catch somewhere

Tanir2355d ago

hopefully they dont wield machine guns lmao.

I adored RE1-5 so im sure i will love this one :D

ScubaSteve12355d ago

better have the type writer back im so sick of check points

PamPoovey2355d ago

I know right...

Oh and you could only buy/sell things if you died or if you got to your check point (chapter end)

I want a merchent back along with the typewritters.

dirthurts2355d ago

I don't think this is the resident evil you are looking for...
from what I can see in the trailer it's all action. Inventory and saves will surely take a back seat.

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