Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition Now Available

For the gamers who have been waiting to play Fallout: New Vegas until there was an all-inclusive version of the game sporting the main game and all of the DLC -- the wait is over.

Bethsoft has confirmed the release of the Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition, now on retail shelves, which means there is no corner of the wastelands that cannot be accessed with this awesome new version.

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DaThreats2352d ago

Time to finally pick-up

Series_IIa2352d ago

some of the best DLC ever came from this game...

Vortex3D2352d ago

Two questions:
1. Has Bethsoft fixed the game hanging if you completed almost everything in the main story quest? I played the game without any DLC and by 40-50 hours into the game, it freezes up every few minutes especially if I'm in New Vegas.

2. If I have completed the main story quest, is it possible to continue on with the DLCs? If so, does it effect the DLCs depending who is left in control in the main story quest?

Recnef2352d ago

If I remember correctly you can do all of the DLC after completing the game because it puts you back into the game before you actually completed it when you continue...

As for the freezing I thought that was fixed? I do not see mine doing that anymore...

Vortex3D2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Thanks for the info.

So, technically, you can never complete the main story quest to play the DLCs. Lame way to "continue" the game without having to deal with your choices. Of course that makes the game "less realistic" because the final war will keep waiting for you.

I haven't play Fallout Vegas in months after completed almost every little things because it freezed so often. Do you have all the DLCs? If so, can you have the main quest, side quests completed and then play the DLCs? Is the game stable?