FraggedNation Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

A brand new Final Fantasy title that shows us that Square-Enix is in fact listening to feedback we give them.

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xxxAnubisxxx2326d ago

Couldn't agree more. The PS3 version looks better graphically, FYI.

Godmars2902326d ago

And why should anyone really carer when the differences are so small?

JLesinski2326d ago

I'm sorry are you a gamer or a troll? Any difference that is an improvement is important.

ViralAyatane2326d ago

It's only a minor improvement, but it is noticeable. I mainly got the PS3 version out of fear that it would be multiple discs again.

no_more_heroes2326d ago

Like the article mentioned, leveling up is completely free and to your own discretion. I've only just passed half way through (I think, there still seems to be more unvisited locations than visited ones) and there are no more abilities for them to learn in any of their roles. I was making damn sure that future battles weren't too annoying, but it looks like I made TOO damn sure lol (still getting my a$$ kicked by Tonberries and Purple Chocobos though).

ViralAyatane2326d ago

The problem is that while you may have all of your abilities, you might not have increased the right stats. Mine are all pretty high and I have yet to run into either of those. Maybe I'm just a min/max guy by default, though.

no_more_heroes2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

On reflection though, I haven't tried too many ways of taking them on yet (didn't even use a Saboteur at the time). The only reason I met up on them was because I was completing the Silver Petal sidequest.

Oh, and now I know the "terrible rock remix of Crazy Chocobo" that everyone was complaining about. I concur, it's not a classic, let's leave it at that.

TheDivine2326d ago

Game is fantastic. It really is one of my favorite ff's ever so far (only 8 hrs in maybe). I love the qte's they make it feel much more epic. If 13 was about going forward with no distractions this is all about freedom and going at your own pace. I liked 13 also but it was lacking variety that 13-2 has. 13-2 is everything people missed and then some.

ViralAyatane2326d ago

I briefly mention the problems I had with XIII, something I may expand on in a different article on pacing and linearity. Both have their points, but ultimately, XIII was an unfinished game that they tried to make as complete as possible within the timeframe.