9.0 - The Darkness II Review

"The Darkness is back with the latest installment of this hit franchise published by 2K Games. The Darkness II will astonish players with a wonderfully dark story, familiar characters and some of the most unique game play brought to consoles this year! Based after critically acclaimed comic book produced by Top Cow Productions, Inc; The Darkness II is anything a first-person shooter fan could ask for… plus more. Not only does the game provide players with a compelling story but it also provides gamers with an amazing co-op mode called..."

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abombletap2354d ago

good review but I am not so sure if the story should be a perfect 10. but I will be getting this game for sure. I did see this game at E3 & loved it.

TheGrimBunny2354d ago

Agree. This game looks sick though, definitely WAY better then the first one, even though I did enjoy the first one.

TheGrimBunny2354d ago

I think this is a pretty good review of the game. What are everyone elses opinions on the game from all the reviews published today?

D3mons0ul2354d ago

Typical of a game that's not one of the few BIG titles we've all come to know/love/hate.

Mainstream does what it can to push it down while everybody else actually speaks about the positive qualities and are ignored because somehow the unprofessional mainstream has become more "believable" because people have become impressed by obnoxious and blatantly biased reviews rather than anything professional because it's "boring"

Pintheshadows2354d ago


Have a bubble.

Personally, I was unsure after finding out the length. But after playing the demo again and remembering how much I love the first one i'm definately getting.

My Darkness impression is still good as well so if Patton ever pulls out i'll throw my hat into that ring. :)

TheSuperior 2354d ago

Wish this game would get some more attention. very original :)

TheGrimBunny2354d ago

I think they should really push some good DLC with the game too and not just 'map packs'.

TheSuperior 2354d ago

I think they should push story related DLC. Now thats somthing i would buy


I played the demo this game feels promising!!!