First games for Windows 8 Consumer Preview include Ms Splosion Man, Angry Birds

Check out the games that are rumored to come out with Windows 8.

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majiebeast2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Angry birds woohoo couldnt have included a decent game. Besides ms splosion man.

gamingdroid2358d ago

People tend to like "Full House Poker", but these seems to be mostly "app" like games.

However, MS Splosion man suggest more Xbox Live Arcade like games are coming.

Pretty cool if you ask me. Now make a miniature Xbox wireless controller adapter for the tablets!

mcgrottys2357d ago

are you saying hydro thunder isn't a good game? Because I can assure you it is a great game.

gamingdroid2357d ago


I have not played Hydro Thunder, but it looks like a decent game.