Head2Head: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Analysis (Lens of Truth)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! Our first full analysis article of the year begins with 2012′s first major release — Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PS3 and Xbox 360! The original FF XIII was a big win for the PS3 back in 2010, so XIII-2 has a lot to live up to in terms of true console parity. Has this new entry achieved this goal, or will one console once again command a sizable advantage against the other? Read on to find out."

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fluffydelusions2324d ago

Graphics wise XIII-2 looks A LOT worse than XIII on PS3 =\

Optical_Matrix2324d ago

Quote for truth. FFXIII looks better than both versions of XIII-2. How on earth thats possible I don't know but, and please don't class this as fanboyism, but I believe it's because FFXIII was made on the PS3 then ported to the 360, hence why the 360 version looked so bad.

This time around Square Enix wanted parity, as well as less discs. So FFXIII was made from the ground up for both, and this is the result. I mean I could be wrong, but thats the only explanation I can think of for the game looking worse than XIII. Still looks lovely, but if you put over 150 hours into FFXIII like me and many others, you can tell straight away.

Biggest2324d ago

They went hard for parity and less disk space on this one. The main thing I have noticed so far is the lack of CGI. Even the flash back CGI was muddied over to lower disk space. That being said. . . I care not. I enjoyed FFXIII. FFXIII-2 is miles better to me. I learned that I may not be too old to play Pokemon games again.

Hyperbomb692323d ago

you can class this on fanboyism I dont really care, but when I was playing FF13 I thought it was one of the best looking games I had ever played rivaled by the Uncharted series, when I played FF13-2 I was wondering why it didn't look as great as FF13 and I just couldn't understand why. Then I asked how many discs were on 360 and I heard it was only one, so that probably why, this game was made as a multiplat. Thanks to the 360 us Playstation owners pay the price... Its pretty stupid, thats why FF should have stayed exclusive to PS3...

LightofDarkness2324d ago

That's because they sh*t this game out in less than 2 years and concentrated more on making the game more interactive and "game" like to appease the fans.

With XIII you could see that they spent more time on each scene and environment, pushing the max level of detail possible in each. Such attention to detail (graphics wise) has not been paid here.

RudeSole Devil2324d ago

I agree, but of course the PS3 version is the better of the two.

Joe Bomb2324d ago

Good win for the PS3 here, even though graphics do look downgraded from XIII. I wonder why that happened Square...

Ddouble2323d ago

FFXIII-2 isn't a high budget title like FFXIII so it was to be expected.

Versus on the other hand will look a lot beter.

thedude442324d ago

seems like they finally added full rgb for the ps3 version. i hate it when they do comparisons and the ps3 version looks washed out, this right here is an example of what the ps3 versions of games look like with full rgb. yeah i know they say they use it but ive done personal comparisons and i can tell you sometimes there bs.

FreydaWright2324d ago

To address the question of why XIII-2 appears less visually-striking than XIII, I have one intelligible answer -- the hard work and effort has been channeled toward the behemoth -- Versus XIII.

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